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Data Manager Mac address, Panel ID and system key
Last Updated 10 years ago

Panel ID
Found either via the FEP or web pages. Click/ press to log in to service. within the screen it will show the Panel ID. e.g. B7075585.

System Key
Found within the 'Add Feature' menu within the DM either via the web pages or FEP. e.g. "AB02 55FF 98C2 5DA1"

RDMSO number
This is located under the left hand wing of the DM. Therefor remove the wing and visible there will be a label listing the Part number and associated RDMSO number.

MAC address of Eth0
all RDM Data Manager Mac addresses will begin with "00:05" then simply add the panel ID. e.g. panel ID B7075585. Mac Address will be 00:05:B7:07:55:85.

MAC address of Eth1
The mac address can be found by carrying out a quick check. Ensure your laptop/ PC is connected to the DM via the Eth1 port (usb/eth dongle). To confirm, open a Command Prompt and type "ping xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx" where the xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx is the DM's IP address. Then within the same window type "arp -a". this will list all IP addresses and associated MAC address. Find the IP of the DM listed.

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