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Data Manager is not logging on IP controllers
Last Updated 10 years ago

There are a number of checks on the Data Manager to perform to confirm the IP controllers will log on successfully. The setup of your network may vary from site to site. If you are unsure please consult the sites IT or network personnel.

As default, the Data Manager will have it's 'Ethernet 0' IP address set to, with it's DHCP server handing out addresses in the same range; -

If wishing the IP devices to log on automatically then they must be connected to one of the 4 ethernet ports on the DM (older models may only have 1). This 4 port switch is classified as "Eth0" when consulting the settings.

DM checks to ensure the devices can log on;

IP network has been activated on the DM.
Navigate to the system config page within the DM and note if 'IP networks' is active. NB you will also see the 'number of IP blocks'. One block equates to 32 IP devices. E.g. if there are 40 devices to log on then there must be 2 blocks active.

Eth0 address has not been altered and DHCP is on.
Navigate to the 'Network/ Network card setup' and check the eth0 address is and there is a tick next to 'Run DHCP server on eth0'. As standard the DM issues addresses in the 10.1.2.x range so if the eth0 is within a different range it will not be able to communicate to the devices. Again if the network is used by other equipment and certain masks/ IP ranges must be used please consult the IT dept.

Correct DHCP range
On request DHCP can be altered to hand out addresses on a different range (10.2.2.x). If this is the case then the eth0 address will change to Confirm the Data Manager has not had this upgrade.

DHCP has not paused
If another DHCP server has been detected by the DM it will pause it's own. There will be an entry in the alarm log and system log where it will advise of its address). As the controllers are on the same network they will also receive IP addresses from the new DHCP server and therefor show offline on the DM (or not log on at all depending if new install).

If you are still having issues please consult the devices user guide to offer assistance on logging the controller on to an IP network.

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