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Wiring Recomendations
Last Updated 9 years ago

The wiring to all RDM controllers must be arranged in such a way as to reduce any interference from other magnetic equipment through electromagnetic coupling (E.M.C) to a minimum.

EMC can lead to erratic operation of the controller and will cause the controller to attempt to correct itself by resetting.

1. Fit suppressors to all inductive coil loads (I.E Solenoids and contactors) (RDM suggest using RS part numbers 365-7227 or 210-364 or similar) .
2. Seperate noisy wiring from control wiring (I.E Switched inductive load wiring)
3. Run power cables in a seperate trunking from signal wiring
4. Arrange Relays, contactors, fuses and terminals so that power and signal cables are segregated.

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