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Data Manager is not communicating via the external IP comms
Last Updated 10 years ago

First Observations;
Ensure Data Manager has power and is functioning as expected via the Front End Buttons.
Check system log for failed dial outs/ alarms etc.
Check if there were any network changes within clients premises.
Remove the right hand wing. On the USB/ eth dongle, there will be a network status LED on and flickering (data transfer).
Are all Network card settings correct as per customers network.

Uunplug cat 5 cable and reinsert ensuring plug is secure.
Check cat5 cable to and from the DM's Eth1 port.
Reset external switch connected to the DM.

To disprove the DM is at fault;
Locate the Data Manager's Ethernet 1 IP address and netmask via the 'Network Card Setup'.
Assign your laptop a static IP address that's within the network range (seek IT support if required).
Disconnect the current cat5 cable connected to the USB/ eth dongle.
Use a crossover Cat5 cable and connect your laptop's ethernet socket to the USB/eth dongle.
Open a standard web browser and navigate to the DM's IP address.
If the Data Manager home page is displayed then it proves connectivity directly to and from the External port.
If no connection is made, ensure all settings are correct and consult the network status LED to see if there is any connectivity.

Following these checks, consult RDM technical support for further assistance.

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