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Installation of Internal Battery Back-up for Data Manager
Last Updated 10 years ago

Note : - Before working on this equipment, ensure that the device is fully isolated from any supply voltage, including connections to all relays and other I/O connectors.

Installation of this part must be carried out by competent personnel

RDM will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to the equipment through mishandling or faulty installation of this part

1. Remove the left side wing by unscrewing the 2 screws at the top and bottom.

2. Before removing the battery and charger board from its' packaging, make sure that you are static free.
Connect the battery + terminal (red) to the red + lead of the charger board, Connect the battery - terminal (black) to the
Black - lead of the charger board.

3. Slide the battery into it's compartment and slide the charger PCB into the guides making sure the interconnecting lead is to the outside. Ensure no internal cables are “snagged” or damaged during this procedure. Once the battery and charger board are in place, connect the 10 way interconnecting cable to it's mating half (dangles down from the main PCB)

4. The installation is complete. Re-assemble the left side wing and secure it with the 2 bolts.

RDM recommend that the battery is inspected and the battery backup feature tested at least once a year. The battery should be replaced if required. Note: A new or fully discharged battery can take up to 16 hours to fully charge when installed.

The Data Manager System log will display “battery not charged – disabled” on start-up if the battery connected is not fully charged. Once fully charged the System Log will display “battery charged – enabled” and the battery backup feature will be active.

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