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Case Controller is showing a missed defrost alarm
Last Updated 10 years ago

What type of case controller is it?
Has the controller been set for a local or remote defrost?
If local, how many defrosts has it been set for? What is the 'No defrost' parameter set to?
If remote, has there been a remote timer set up on the DM? What is the 'No defrost' parameter set to?

The No defrost time (shown in Hrs) should be a longer time than that of the scheduled defrost time. For example, if you wish the controller to have 4 defrosts per day (ie a defrost every 6 hrs), then the 'No Defrost' should be set to a time longer than this. i.e 8hrs.
If the 'no defrost' time is shorter than the expanse of the defrost frequency the 'Missed Defrost' alarm will be shown.

When set to 'remote' it adopts the defrost schedule set in the Data Manager, however still uses the 'No defrost' parameter to judge the missing defrosts.

Other causes could be the comms and/or Data Manager had been switched off and therefor no signal was sent.

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