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How to connect a BACnet device to a Data Manager
Last Updated 10 years ago

Note :- Data Manager Software Version 2.0.4 or above can support upto 128 BACnet devices. Prior to this version is limited to 32.

Before connecting BACnet based devices to the RDM Data Manager, please ensure that the BACnet interface has been enabled and the 3rd party units have been commissioned first. This requires the 3rd party device to be programmed or have its configuration defined before being connected to the Data Managers IP network. If the 3rd party BACnet devices are not configured before being connected to the Data Manager it will result in the Data Manager creating a type file which has zero inputs, zero outputs, zero parameters and so forth for the 3rd party device.

Therefore leading to the device not appearing in the Data Manager Device List as its type file is “empty”. Should this scenario occur please contact RDM Technical Support, remote access to the Data Manager in question will be required. Technical Support will have to be manually remove the empty type files and this process may be chargeable.

Once a BACnet device has been successfully logged on to a Data Manager should subsequent changes be made to the BACnet devices configuration then the type file for this device will have to be manually deleted from the Data Manager. This will cause the Data Manager to restart and recreate the type for the 3rd party device, thus allowing the Data Manager to detect the changes made by the engineer to the BACnet device, for example the addition of new parameters.

Note :- When logging on BACnet devices which have a large number of points it can take up to 30 minutes before the device will appear in the Data Manager Device List.

Automatically Generated Templates

For templates which are automatically generated, such as the BACnet® devices, Resource Data Management cannot guarantee the compatibility of the Data Manager with every 3rd party device for which templates are automatically created. For example, BACnet® is an industry standard and the interface for each third party device is developed by the respective manufacturer to this standard. If there are errors in the 3rd party manufacturers interface, the interface doesn’t meet the BACnet specification or a change to the 3rd party device firmware has been made it can result in the controller appearing as offline or the incorrect values being shown on the Data Manager.

Please contact RDM’s Technical Support department quoting the manufacturer and model number of the device you wish to communicate with, Technical Support can confirm whether successful communications have been obtained with the device in the past.

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