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Data Manager - deleting a type file
Last Updated 10 years ago

When an RDM controller is connected to the Data Manager (DM) for the very first time the DM creates a “Type” file for that device which characterises its properties. The DM makes a number of requests to the device in question e.g.details for the number and type of Inputs, Outputs, Parameters etc. This way the DM doesn’t need to know about a controller before it is connected to the network, unlike Modbus and other protocols where RDM have to create a template to let the DM know how to read Inputs, set parameters etc.

Once this type file is created for a single controller then when multiple controllers of that type logon, e.g. a Mercury 2 Pulse Reader using software V1.2, then they share this common type file. Occasionally type files can get corrupted when loading, usually due to network issues and it results in the type file being incomplete. In this instance the Data Manager may report that the controller has no parameters to set. Deleting the type file can resolve this issue as once deleted the DM will restarts and will reload the type file. To determine if a problem is type file related or controller specific view all controllers which share the same type file and determine if they exhibit the same fault. A type file can be deleted through the front panel or through the web pages.

Front Panel – Service – System – General – System Maintenance – Clear type

Web Pages – Service – Miscellaneous – Clear Type

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