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How to carry out a Data Manager software upgrade via USB
Last Updated 10 years ago

Software upgrades for the Data manager will be released when new features are added to the functionality of the current DM software.

For availability and costs please consult RDM Sales.

To carry out a software upgrade yourself please follow the below procedure;

Via USB memory stick

1) Following the receipt of the Software, save the attached zipped folder “Data Manager Software Upgrade Version xxxx” to your desktop and extract the contents. Once extracted please do not rename the file contained as it has to remain "update.img".

2) Now save this update.img file into the root directory of a USB memory stick. The memory stick must be in the FAT32 file format.

3) When you attend site place the memory stick into any one of the USB ports on the DM.

4) After a few moments the DM will prompt you to select 1 of 5 options, select the "Upgrade Firmware" (Option 5). Note if it is an older version of Data Manager software then when you insert the USB memory stick it may ask you to "Enter Pin/Swipe Card" instead of listing the five options. Software V1.13.0 and above will list 5 options.

5) At this point call RDM technical support quoting the purchase order number for the upgrade and the site details. Technical Support will then be able to issue you with an activation number which would enable the software upgrade and update the Data Manager software to the latest version. Enter the activation number provided and press “Enter”.

6) Follow the onscreen instructions and once complete the Data Manager will restart.

7) Ensure every device logs back on and the panel is in the same condition as it was before the upgrade process.

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